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It is all about adding value

As part of our added value vide

Our leaf is completely turned over when it comes to sharing and adding value to people around the world looking to improve their online presence.

The website is about giving advice that works and that can be implemented on your own website and you will see results.

Not long ago I decided I wanted to give more back by offering reviews and adding content to places on Google Maps. I like the idea of giving an honest opinion that will help people make a decision about a service, product or a place.

I know the more quality content that you can provide for a business, the better it will be for them in the future.

360 Images

I have been looking into 360 images and video for a while now and I bit the bullet and purchased the Theta S 360 camera. The reason why I liked this camera above the other 360 cameras on the market is the fact you can share 360 images to Google Street View.

If you have not experienced what Google Street View, check out the Las Vegas Strip.

Basically, you get to see and experience what a place is like before you visit it. It is all about 360 images that offer you full views.

Adding Value daily

I am generally not a big photographer and I do not have a fancy camera, I only have my trusted Samsung phone which does just fine and they look good on Facebook.

My new goal is when I am out and about is to take 360 photos of businesses and upload them to their Google maps listing. This will add mega value to their profile and will increase the number of people looking at their profiles.

We know the more people looking at your profile the better chance they will use your business.

Practice makes perfect

Here is an example of a 360 image that I took today at Delamere Forest.

What do you think?

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