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Local SEO Challenge

Every business should be trying and testing new methods of generating income

My agency, Craig Riley Marketing, works with local companies to increase their exposure online to generate more leads for their business.

That is the agency in a nutshell and that is what we enjoy doing, improving the lives of the businesses around the world.

Personally, I love testing and trying new techniques to rank a website in the search engines. I have built 100’s of websites for different reasons and some have succeeded and some have tanked hard and I have learnt something from every website.

For a long time, I have been a fan of the Rank and Rent method and my new challenge revolves around this practice.

What is the Rank and Rent method?

Rank and Rent (R&R) has been around for a while and when done right can be very successful.

The idea is to build a website around a niche or a keyword and when it is ranking in the search engines you then rent it out to a business for either a fixed fee a month or on a Pay Per Call (PPC) deal.

There are a number of reasons why businesses would rent your website on a monthly basis:

  • They want more business
  • They are not on the first page of Google
  • They are already on page 1 and would like another website with their number
  • etc

Latest Challenge

Over the past 10 days, I have built and am in the process of ranking 10 new websites with the purpose of ranking them for their desired keywords.

Each website was researchedĀ and built in a day and then submitted to the search engines. The idea is to get them rented out within 6 weeks of launch.

Some websites are doing very well after only 7 days of being submitted to the search engines.

Below you can see a website that was launched and indexed with very little link building done to it.

You can see that for 1 keyword this website is in the top 10.

All of the sites in this challenge are only 7 days old and it is still very early but the signs are very good.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how these websites are doing and the steps to rent them out.


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