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Rank & Rent Website Launched

No time to waste as I want to get this website ranking on page 1 of Google

With the launch of my Guide to Rank and Rent Websites, I decided it was right to build a website that can be documented and shared with people who are building their own websites.

I was happy with the design and content of the new website (It can always be edited along the way) and so begins the submitting to the search engines.

How to submit a website to the search engines

1. I made sure the XML sitemap was complete, making sure that all elements were going to get crawled by the search engines.

2. I then made sure my robots.txt file open and allowing the search engines to crawl my website.

3. Once those two elements were ready I went to Google Webmaster and added my website to the console. Once I had linked the website, I submitted my sitemap and robots file to the relevant sections.

4. I made sure the International Targeting was set to the United Kingdom. The website has a .com domain and I really only want the website showing for the UK.

5. I submitted my URL to and also Boxwind.

6. I submitted my RUL to Google’s own crawler.

Now to wait

The website will be crawled by the search engines and should start seeing some pages being indexed in 7-10 days.

A great way to test if your pages are getting crawled and indexed is to search “” in Google. All the pages crawled will show up in the search results.

Personally, I tend to not do anything during this period and in a week, I will slowing start link building and getting some social shares.

If you have any question, drop me an email.


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