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How do you do R&R?

Building websites that you are going to rent out can be done two ways and it really depends on what level you are at.

Step 1

You need to choose a keyword in a niche that you want to target. Personally, I only work with local services because I prefer doing local SEO but it all depends on your preference.

When I am searching keywords (eg: plumbers New York), I look at the top 5 websites on page 1 of Google and access their websites strength:

  • Domain age
  • Number of inbound links
  • Keyword competition
  • Search traffic (No point building a site for a keyword that no one searches)

I spend time each day researching keywords in different locations around the world and when I find keywords that I believe I can rank a website then I start to look for a domain.

Step 2

You have found a niche and more precise a keyword that you want to build a website to rank to a business. Now it is time to find a domain for your new website.

For R&R sites, I like to use EMD domains (EMD – Exact Match Domains). I do this for two reasons:

Unbranded – a business would not like to use a domain with someone else’s

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