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What is this blog thingy?

There is a valid reason why large and small companies have a blog attached to their website… 

One of the biggest problems I face with clients is trying to get them to understand the importance of their blog.

The idea of having a blog attached to their website always appeals to business owners when we are discussing their new website or their website re-design.


When the time comes to manage their website blog it all falls apart!

Why you need a blog

Your blog should not be looked at as another task that needs to be added to your already long to-do list but rather a way of getting rid of some of your to-do list tasks.

When done correctly your blog can be the most productive element of your day.

If you manage your blog correctly, it could replace many of your daily to-do tasks.

Here are 3 reasons why it is important to maintain your blog:

1. Great way to connect with your customers

Forget social media, marketing events or outbound marketing.

Blogging offers you a personal and down to earth method of keeping your customers and potential customers informed about your business.

You can share new services or products that you have to offer and also about the inner culture of your company.

2. Get in front of new customers

Don’t get me wrong, your blog is not only for sharing nice stories about the workplace. If you do it right, you can generate a lot of new leads from your blog posts.

Many businesses around the world get a majority of their revenue from their blog and blogging related activities.

By not being active on your website blog, you are losing out on revenue daily.

3. Generate more traffic to your website

When you add a new blog to your website, Google will find and index your content into the search results.

By continuously adding new content to your blog, your website will start to appear for keywords that your customers are searching for on a daily basis.

The more traffic you can generate, the more new customers you will get.


Once you have a better understanding about what it is exactly you are offering the people who read your blog, you will start to manage your day differently.

After writing an epic blog post, you will wake up to comments that you have to respond too, email enquiries that will need responding and social media promotion.

All this work is you warming up your leads and building up a pipeline that will eventually convert to new business.

Blogging can become the best source of new leads!

Are you convinced yet?

The phrase “You get what you put into it” comes to mind when I think of blogging.

I am a firm believer that blogging is a winner and it definitely works for my business.

The benefits of blogging for your business will far outweigh the negatives of the work you need to put into it.

Remember, it will take work and sometimes it will be hard but so is everything of value!


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